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Helen 2 Wheels and Marsee Products are distributed exclusively in Europe by Mission Motos.

Other people stand by their products - we stand on ours! See Paul of Fatbiker's Review

We sell our Marsee products less than you would pay for them if you bought them direct from the USA. (Comparison includes Duties(17.5%), Handling and Shipping costs). the MSRP's on the site reflect the full cost you would pay to get them shipped direct to Europe from the U.S. The buy prices are what you pay including shipping. In other words you can see how much you save on-line to get our stuff on your bike! Check it out here :The quality of the products is not something you will have seen before - if you want larger pictures please e-mail us and we will send them to you.

Please note: We do not ship product to the USA.

Need advice? We love solving packing problems - Phone: 00 44 208 144 3020 or My status

The link to the price list is here: Price List

Innovative Tank bags, Sissy Bar Bags, Tailpacks and more from the designer of the world's first magnetic tank bag and the world's fastest map pocket.

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Marsee Products represent the highest level of innovation in Motorcycle Luggage design -

Clear plastic map pockets that will never get an imprint of your map. The 50Litre 'Houdini Bag' that will carry your tools, first aid kit and a suit and strap to any bike or sissy bar. Solid formed tank bags keep valuable possesions from being crushed.
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Accessories that allow you to ride further and with greater safety - such as the hydration pack, the reflectivity on every bag.

A range of tailpacks will fit any bike - including the so-called cruiser bar bag which will tie on the rear seat of any bike you own. That's Marsee - 'Ready for Anything'

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